Technical Support Packages

Web Technical Support Packages for Businesses

A website is a shop window to your business. It needs taking care of and not give you a headache with maintenance. That’s where we come in.

Technology moves fast and it can be hard to track all the technology behind your website. Let us take care of the heavy-lifting for you with our web maintenance packages. Makes it easy to keep a handle on everything. Just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.

Adding new email addresses, uploading photos, even doing some code upgrades as long as it fits in with the plan. Other more technical issues could include setting CRON jobs, speed optimisations, or helping you over the phone to do something. We’ll let you know if you’re going over time.

If you’re in our maintenance package then you benefit from priority response where you’ll be able to jump the queue in support requests.

See our support packages below

Technical Support Packages from Cybernautix


Priority support

Peace of mind

First access to trial offers

First access to new features

Know that technical hardships are taken care of

Call us to discuss your technical support requirements, we are like a friendly dog – doing our best in the truest way possible.


“The Cybernautix team provide a level of support and technical expertise that I haven’t found anywhere else. Fast response times together with a willingness to achieve innovative solutions make an invaluable contribution to our online presence.”

Yvonne, Marketing Manager at Doulton Water Filters and Royal Doulton

Essentials Support
For those needing lite support or just starting
1 Hour support
Ticket support
Email support
Phone support
24/7Mobile support
Business Plus+ Support
For strong businesses that need many technical tasks taking of on a regular basis
10 Hours support
Ticket support
Email support (Priority Speed)
Phone support
24/7 Mobile support