Are You Missing Potential Sales Leads Through Your Absence From Social Media?

Did you know that social media is now the number 1 driver of all website referral traffic? (Forbes seem quite confident that’s true so who are we to argue?)

There are three important factors contributing to this;

  1. The big social media platforms are HUGE, and Google knows them so well, they’re great friends ?.
  2. We spend around 30% of our online time on social media so it’s only natural we’re going to look for what we want where we already are, before we start searching the entire internet!
  3. People want to know how you interact with your customers, to try to get the measure of you, and what your customers say about you.

(We’re getting to the point.)

Take a long hard look at yourself (online).

If you look like this:

Consider how that looks to your customers, is that the image you want to portray to potential new clients?

You don’t have to spend 6 hours a day on your phone or computer optimising your profiles, posting updates and responding to engagement, a small consistent presence, with frequent fresh content that reflects your business well and links back to your website is enough to at least avoid deterring customers who find you through a channel you don’t favour.

And if it does lead to enquiries through Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, you don’t have to worry about checking multiple accounts for messages throughout the day in order to respond in a timely manner – there are tools out there which can help you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place and there are even companies who will do it for you! 🙋‍♀️

Convincing people to spend their money with you in period of political and economic instability is difficult enough when you’re doing everything right, social media provides an opportunity to showcase your work over and over again with a single post, don’t miss the opportunity to pitch your business repeatedly online to people looking for your services by not being there.

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