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Advanced Geographical SEO

Does your business desire enquiries from in and around your region? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We have designed a special lead generation technology, something that in its own right reaches and surpasses all expectations.

We call it GEO-SEO, a solution developed in-house here at Cybernautix. It tackles the problem of getting more enquiries and targeted leads from your area - the lifeblood of any business.


We surveyed our clients have them undertake a needs analysis, this helps us to understand what they desire to have to drive their individual business forward a very tailored plan. Many told us they require more quality enquiries in their vicinity. With this in mind we designed & created a special system to capture leads from all cities, towns and villages for our clients.

Our unique GEO-SEO system developed here at Cybernautix, is the product of 6 months research & development followed by 12 months of comprehensive testing. It is truly spectacular at lead generation. Moreover, GEO-SEO has been built from the ground-up to be completely scalable. Rolling-out into new areas, is a feature than can be arranged so that your enquiries can scale into new territories as your business expands.

Become the Go-To Business in Your Sector

GEO-SEO is superbly powerful in its own right, yet Cybernautix have further evolved the strategy to go hand-in-hand with advanced GEO Google Adwords - giving a lead generation system that rules the roost in any sector.

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