How Do I Target 50,000 Locations In The UK On Google With My Website?

Here at Cybernautix we’ve been busy creating online solutions for our valued clients to all sorts of complicated specifications, most recently we were asked to look into high volume, nationwide SEO for a client working across the UK.

SEO can be an expensive affair, the hours of research into global systems, constantly updating and adapting to develop along with the sophistication of users and programmers alike, all add up to a hefty bill, once a month if you want it done properly. We’ve long preferred and, promoted, geographical SEO.

Targeting specific geographical areas alongside keywords with SEO makes the rise to the top spot a simpler, less time consuming and consequently cheaper task, increasing ROI dramatically. For many of our clients, focussing on winning business in their local area, this has proved successful and continues to do so. With the advances of Google and many other search engines, tracking web users’ location, and the growing intentions of the general public to buy local, targeting the area surrounding a specific branch is an intelligent move and one we consider ourselves specialists in.

That said, the UK comprises of over 48,000 villages, towns and cities, so when a client asked us to target every single one of them, we didn’t immediately start working on optimising Aaron’s Hill in Somerset because the journey through to Zouch in Leicestershire was likely to take tens of thousand of hours, or in digestible terms, nearly 3 years for 2 people! We had to get our favourite problem solving hat on, some brainstorming, programming, testing and delivering later and we have created a unique automated geographical SEO framework, cutting down the set-up time of such a system by up to 90%, benefiting our client with new business leads arising from organic SEO which increased 10 fold in the first month of the system being rolled out. We’re now rolling this out to new and existing clients alike and would be delighted to have a chat about it and see how this service could help your business.

This sort of bespoke technology is just an example of the extra mile we go to meet our clients requirements, specifications & expectations. We like to think and then create, to ensure our clients are getting the most intelligent solution to their problem.

To find out about more about Advanced Geographical SEO or if you have a problem in mind you’d like our help solving, give us a call on 01270 261261.